Breaking Up With Bitwarden

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After Bitwarden's decision to terminate their VP of Software due to his answer to preferred pronouns in the workplace, I have decided to move to a different password manager.

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Back in 2015 I commented on a FaceBook post that some guy made. You know typical click-bait rage that was being reposted. Guy was not about to let it go and it literally got to the point that I was waiting in a Walmart parking lot for a tae-kwon-do instructor to “throw down”. He never showed and a few weeks later I deleted Facebook because “woah”. Since 2015 I have more or less kept my opinions too myself because of that moment. What would have happened had he shown up? Is being right worth time behind bars? More in the vain of today’s landscape is it worth being cancelled or doxxed? All very valid concerns in today’s world. However, in light of recent events I am no longer willing to hold my tongue when it comes to the utter nonsense that is going on in the world today.

Goodbye Bitwarden

My grandfather told me many many years ago:

“You know how you vote in a capitalist society? With your dollars.”

We are seeing the results of that with the stupidity of Anheuser-Busch. Since their marketing campaign for BudLight, they have lost over $27 billion dollars in market value, 28% of their sales volume, and their stock has dropped by over 20%. And so here I am a happy paying customer of Bitwarden. Sure there are things they could do better but I like them for their transparency, open source software, and I want to support the little guy. Although what Bitwarden had done is not on the level of incompetence of Anheuser-Busch I still have this running through my head:

Bitwarden: “Hold my BudLight and watch this!”

Bitwarden is, at the time of writing, in a lawsuit with their previous Vice President of Software Engineering. The reason for the lawsuit is that he was terminated for what he chose to use as his pronouns in the workplace. His selection of pronouns:

“Assigned by God”

First off I don’t know and could not find anything that stated the adding of pronouns to one’s profile was required by human resources or the business at large. I won’t try to assume anything there. The fact is that there were employees who brought this travesty to human resources and he was immediately terminated.

Whether or not the adding of pronouns were a mandatory requirement Bitwarden opened the door for legal ramifications to follow by terminating him. The fact that he was terminated for his religious beliefs is a clear violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They will be settling and hoping this goes away. It will cost them lots of money and as per reading through the r/Catholicism, a lot of customers as well.

My Thoughts

No one, and hear me when I say this, no one gives a damn what your pronoun is. This is yet another attempt at confusing the younger generations especially the children. Any company that participates in this utter nonsense does not deserve my dollar. Furthermore if it bothers you…wait I got that wrong for today’s youth…“if that triggered you” that a man stated he believes in a higher power be that God, Allah, Buddha, or the Great Spaghetti Monster it seems to me quite intolerant and noninclusive of you to “cancel” him. All these instances of pronouns, dead-naming, and redefining what a woman is in the world goes to show more and more that the inmates are running the asylum now or better yet the children are calling the shots.

I am a Christian and I say that with zero apology for how that makes you feel. My relationship with Christ is more important to me than your opinion, pronouns, and mental illness. It deeply bothered me knowing that I would need to invest time into moving to another service and removing my support from Bitwarden, but now more than ever in this day and age it is important for men to stand their ground. It is more important than ever stand in the morals and values that you believe.

As Aaron Tippin sang:

“You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

~ Cody 🚀
Cody Brunner

Cody is a Christian, USN Veteran, Jayhawk, and an American expat living outside of Bogotá, Colombia where he works as a Senior Frontend Developer for WAO Fintech.