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Writing a HTTP Server with Go

Writing a simple HTTP Server using only what is provided via the Go Standard Library.

Working with Makefiles

In my journey into learning Go I have been learning how to use Makefiles within my Go projects. I had never worked with makefiles before and this post will touch on how to use them.

Going to the Gopher Side

The chaos that is the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem has become too much to bear in my opinion. I have become unhappy with my direction in the tech industry and in late 2023 made the decision to begin teaching myself Go and pivoting my career out of the Frontend & away from JavaScript.

From NextJS to Astro

In 2023 I began making the move from NextJS to Astro for my personal website and blog. This is my experience with the transition.

Certificate Issues Between Fly & Turso

That time I ran into issues with my certificates being invalid leading to problems communicating between and my Turso database.

Adding Related Articles with Astro Content Collections

Astro's content collection feature is a game changer for easily managing content in a type safe manner. It also can help to easily add related collections or data types through referencing. In this article I show how I implemented a related articles feature.

Breaking Up With Bitwarden

After Bitwarden's decision to terminate their VP of Software due to his answer to preferred pronouns in the workplace, I have decided to move to a different password manager.

Ectogram: Testing Ecto

Part 4 in the Ectogram series where I cut my teeth on testing the user schema with ExUnit.

Ectogram: Setting Up Ecto

Part 2 in the Ectogram series where I setup the project and make customizations to Ecto.

Ectogram: Introduction

A clone of the popular social media platform, Instagram, written in Elixir & Ecto.

Python Scripting In iTerm2

How to use the Python Scripting API in iTerm2 to open several tabs and execute commands in those tabs.

Migrating From Yarn To Pnpm

My experience moving from classic yarn to pnpm as my package manager in JavaScript land.

Getting Started With Python3

Installation and setup of Python3 on macOS & development with Visual Studio Code.

Automating With CircleCi

How to automate your workflow with CircleCi 2.0 & Zeit's Now platform.